Pochar is a formulation produced by Microspore that enriches the soil with fungal antagonists (Pochonia and Arthrobotis), which are natural enemies of root-knot nematodes. Its action consists of offsetting population dynamics and restoring a biological balance.

 The presence of mycorrhizal fungi and especially of PGPR bacteria, which are known to favor the functional activities of the roots, contributes to the completion of the formulation; bacteria are important for both the microbial balance of the land and for stimulating the root systems of crops suffering from root-knot nematode attacks.

In order to study the technical feasibility and effectiveness of Pochar’s full-field distribution, we have started a collaboration with APPE (Associazione Produttori Patate Emilia) and the Plant Protection Service of the Emilia Romagna region for testing potatoes using the traditional sprinkling irrigation method.

Experimentation with Pochar was conducted in 2014 at the Piva company in Codigoro, near Ferrara. Analyses conducted in the neighboring areas have detected a high level of infestation. The issue of nematodes is particularly intense in the area.

We can assert that Pochar’s applications to open field crops have controlled the spread of nematodes, especially in their late phase of greater spread. Actually, this trend was confirmed by analyses conducted by the Plant Protection Service ER. The effectiveness in controlling the attacks can be later verified with a limited presence of galls in tubers from the same land.

In addition to the effectiveness of the product, which has already been verified both through experiments and in the field, it is important to point out the testing of the application method in open field consisting of a treatment of the soil / leaves followed by immediate watering. This practice solves the problem of the application of Pochar in field crops not irrigated with micro-irrigation.

This technique opens up the possibility of treating large areas of field crops without major technological needs and without impacting too much on the field practice.

The technique of controlling nematodes with Pochar (Pochonia, Atrhobotys) is a useful aid to the agronomic practices aimed at the integrated management (also in organic farming) of the current issues related to nematodes.