LARINO – VALDOBBIADENE (Italy), Aug. 3, 2013. SACOM SpA announced today signing a distribution agreement with Tramite S.r.l., to introduce its organic home gardening product line “LATOBIO” in Italian large-scale distribution stores. SACOM is one of the main microbiological fertilizers manufacturing companies in Europe. The new partnership will introduce for the first time in the Italian large-scale market Sacom home gardening products based on an exclusive collection of microorganisms, which can rapidly restore a natural, healthy and protective balance for our plants. LATOBIO formulations uniquely contain especially balanced populations of various natural microorganisms which work cooperatively together to build a highly productive and self-supporting community. LATOBIO formulations are healthy, natural, highly effective alternatives to chemicals, enabling home gardeners to build up their soil health and grow beautiful plants, vegetables and nicer flowers and fruits. Tramite S.r.l. is an Italian company of professional brokers founded by Mr Gianantonio Tramet in 1993, which deals in the intermediation business in Italy and abroad, with the major main distribution chains of consumer goods. Tramite S.r.l. has built with T & F Partners Srl,, a synergistic successful partnership that combines distribution power and skills to innovative products and effective trade marketing techniques. “The organic home gardening fertilizer market share is growing as the industry and consumers become more aware and sensitive to the environment and their health themselves” – Mr Gianluigi Torzi, CEO of Sacom, says. “In addition” – he continues – “innovative organic home gardening solutions, like ours, are rightfully commanding premium prices. We are confident that thanks to Tramite, we’ll successfully and uniquely position LATOBIO products to compete as major players in the rich large-scale distribution home gardening market.” The products will be available in hundreds of Italian stores next Autumn