Agriculture is evolving and waiting to keep up with it, Sacom became Microspore.

Desertification and soil erosion created from chemical processes, caused devastating effects on agriculture. Each plant expresses its best potential thanks to Microbial Intelligence that we select, and study as the background of our biotech solutions.

Because of it Microspore is producing and distributing a number of natural and organic fertilizers, organic based fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers and slow release fertilizers.

Microspore is located in Larino (CB) – Italy – and has worldwide expansion through the medium of its customers and distributors.

Microspore is listed on AIM of Italian Stock Exchange and is associated with ASSOBIOTEC (National Association for Development of Biotechnology).

Microspore is one of the largest natural and organic fertilizer manufacturers in Italy with products available worldwide.

Microspore manufactures and distributes a wide range of organic fertilizers in liquid and granular form, especially because we involve in research and development teams, in order to produce new fertilizer blends for the changing requirements of customers.

Here we are, we are Microspore and we are here to amaze you!