MILANO FINANZA May, 23rd 2014

Sacom, a company listed on AIM, active in the production and distribution of products for plants nutrition and care, has signed an agreement with Shenzhen Agro Hunter for the distribution of its products in China.
Shenzhen Agro Hunter is one of the leading traders of agrochemicals in the Chinese market; after the acquisition of Shandong Libang Chemicals it became the first player to be active both in the production of agrochemicals and in the import and distribution of nutritional products.
Today, however, Sacom announced that the University of Athens has tested its products and that the Ministry of Education and Research has admitted to the benefits the international cooperation project called Poch Art Eurostars.

The Greek University, in particular, has published the results of the field trials on the use of mycorrhizae in hydroponics tomato:
the use of Sacom products  has led to an increase in production (total weight) of +20% while, adding Micoseeds Plus to the application of the above, has led to an increase of +30%.

The Poch Art Eurostars project concerns the improvement of microbiological products for crops sustainable management and is set up as a research and development out of the Eurostars Programme sponsored by the European Commission. The project aims to improve industrial microbiological products for sustainable agriculture, based on beneficial fungi and bacteria that promote plant growth, and aims to improve an emerging line of concealers/cleansers soil and plant protection products already marketed by Sacom.