We know that nematodes are very dangerous parasites for plants. The most harmful for horticulture and unfortunately the most widespread in the world are the knot of the genus Meloidogyne.

They are larvae that penetrate the host plant’s radical apex and complete the entire development cycle within the root, leading to the formation of larger cells in which they live, causing the outside hyperplasia and hypertrophy , the so-called “galls”, which are the main symptoms of infestation at the root level.

In Italy, nematodes cause extensive damage to vegetable and flower crops in greenhouses and open field and seed crops grown on sandy soil; environmental conditions favorable to its development are represented by temperatures of 25-30 °C and humidity of the soil.

The root-knot nematodes can cause a lot of damage whose symptoms consist of a general and gradual deterioration of the plant, a status that determines extensive yellowing and leaf chlorosis, mineral deficiencies, sensitivity to water stress, reduced quantity and quality of production and premature death of the plant.

In addition, the plants attacked by nematodes are more prone to infection by fungi such as Fusarium and Verticillium whose penetration into the roots of the plant is facilitated by their wounds caused by the larvae of nematodes.

In 2009 and 2011 field tests have been carried out at a company of Ferrara and Bologna strongly affected by the nematode, where they grow a variety of table tomatoes susceptible to the genus Meloidogyne.

The experiment wanted to highlight the effectiveness in the containment of nematodes by products based on active substances of natural origin or microorganisms; also Pochar, a product of Greenpower Line by Sacom, has been applied and tested, revealing a valid alternative to synthetic chemical nematicides (click the original article at the bottom of the page).

Let’s know more about the product:

POCHAR is an innovative liquid formulation, allowed in organic farming, containing mycorrhizae of the genus Glomus, particularly viable conidia of Arthrobotrys and Pochonia, or natural fungi that control the stress caused by nematodes attacks.

POCHAR is a product belonging to Greenpower Line by Sacom, created with Sacom Green Biotech (SGB) system that uses mycorrhizae and other microorganisms to support the plants in stress situations and encourages their healthy and balanced development.

In a restrictive regulatory environment against chemical nematocides and plant protection products, Sacom innovative products appear to be a viable alternative for natural plant care.

Once again Nature helps Nature!