You certainly know that Sacom always acts in full respect of nature, producing organic fertilizers that preserve the soil and the plants themselves.
That is why that we want publish a good news coming  from France where for the first time a large group of researchers, clinicians, policy makers and representatives of NGOs appealed to the government the problem of the use, or rather the abuse, of chemical pesticides in agriculture.

The group proposed the so-called “appel of Montpellier”, a real petition calling for public authorities to reduce the use of pesticides and, where possible, to ban it completely.
The petitioners acknowledge the efforts already made in France in the field (in fact, since 1998 there has been a drastic decrease in the sale of pesticides) but consider “alarming the fact that for the past three years the decline has stopped.”

In recent months, a public body, the General Commissioner for Sustainable Development, presented the disturbing results of a survey: 90% of French waterways is characterized by “a generalized presence” of pesticides.
Last June, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) had called “a strong presumption that the risk of diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases or certain cancers, such as blood, are rendered more exposure to pesticides” .

It is a direct exposure for agricultural workers as well as for people residing near areas where these products are used on a massive scale.
To preserve ourselves also means to preserve nature, minimizing the use of chemical pesticides and their environmental impact, but mostly preferring organic products that take care of nature … naturally!