Sacom S.p.A. commissioned DIFASA (Department of Agricultural Sciences, Forestry and Food, University of Turin) to carry out an experimental evaluation of the use of the product TWIN® for the control of stress and improvement of productivity and quality of wheat in different processing conditions.

The purpose of the trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of the product Sacom TWIN® (NK 13-5 +Bacillus ) for the control of stress on wheat, compared to the untreated control and other commercial product for  leaf and ear defence.

In an experimental plot of wheat in rotation with corn, specially prepared by DIFASA and its laboratories in the province of Turin, the different treatments will be compared according to a factorial condition of natural inoculation: from different types of tillage, to the application of defense products among the barrel and flowering.

The experiment managed by DIFASA will not only be the subject of several field observations: morphological culture, measurement of leaf color, degree of severity of the attack, threshing and evaluation of the main parameters of production and manufacturing; but also in the laboratory with the analysis of mycotoxins content in the different samples collected.

The data processing will be done according to the most appropriate statistical tests. The DIFASA Department will take care of the information and the drafting of the publications of the data on technical journals.