The tillering of wheat is a very delicate phenological stage, it is in fact the development of secondary shoots and stems from basal buds of herbaceous plants. It’s a phase that occurs in the winter months (January-February), and then subjected to limiting factors such as weather conditions (frost, humidity) that make the ground lifeless and poorly drained, and the limited intensity of the light. An element that certainly favors the phase of tillering is the good rooting of the plant: the proper growth of the roots, then the good absorption of nutrients, positively influences culms and the degree of bunching, consequently the number of ears and the final yield.

Sacom has conducted extensive studies and laboratory investigations, developing Sacom Green Biotech (SGB) System, which, using a pool of natural microorganisms, promotes a strong, healthy and balanced plants development. Besides stimulating plants growth, increasing the capacity of resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, the SGB system is able to multiply the surface area and the volume of the roots. DUALGREEN formulates derive SGB innovative technology and express a pool of microorganisms (PGPR bacteria, Streptomyces sp., and Trichoderma sp.) able to balance the microbial flora of the soil; the SGB system, combined with the humic and fulvic acids, can complex phosphorous and other nutrients, favoring the assimilation by the plants.

DUALGREEN NP 9-20, as well as DUALGREEN NP 615 and DUALGREEN SCORE from MICROBIOTECH LINE, are particularly suitable for the autumn-winter cereals and their nutritional potential is fully available for the actual needs of the plants during the entire crop cycle . DUALGREEN NP 9-20 is not a simple NP: in fact the product contains: – Phosphorus soluble protected, which stimulates the root systems; – Humidified peat, which carries the natural chelating action of the elements; – Plant extract or ‘ready’ organic nitrogen and food for the bacteria – PGPR, Trichoderma and Streptomyces, which stimulate root growth, carrying nutrients and promote their assimilation. Sacom has started application trials in collaboration with companies and universities.

Tests on DUALGREEN NP 9-20 showed that the organic matrices associated with the pool of microorganisms can develop plants root systems, promoting tillering, so the final yield. If you want to know more about Sacom technology, please see our product catalogue, you will find innovative and effective solutions to take care of Nature!


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