Larino (CB) June 5th, 2014

At  Sacom Lab Research Center in Larino (CB)  a Unit for Research on Sustainable Plant Protection will  be created, implementing the Framework Agreement signed with the National Research Council last January 7th.

The activities of the new Research Unit of the CNR, directed by the Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection of the CNR Department of Agri-food Science, together with the activities already initiated the Sacom Lab, will bring further impetus to the research in the field of microorganisms for a natural,  sustainable and competitive agriculture.

The units will combine the research and development carried out by Sacom Lab with institutional purposes and Programming Institute, aiming to form a center of excellence in Molise in the field of biotech agriculture and strengthening the collaboration with Italian and foreign scientific institutions that excel in these disciplines. The Unit will also allow the formation of research staff and high profile technicians, will give support at Italian and European level to the definition of technical regulations and carry out activities of knowledge promotion.

The unit will be operational since its establishment in the implementation of joint research project aimed at “Study and development of products based on microorganisms for bio-fertilization, plants defense and wastewater treatment”, making use of personnel available by the National Research Council and by Sacom Lab.

The project has as its main objective the study (isolation, genomic and phenomic characterization ) and the selection of different beneficial microorganisms, as potential biofertilizers, biocontrollers and phytoremediation agents, useful for sustainable agriculture.

Such biotechnologies are aimed at reducing the use of pesticides and chemical treatments, and at preserving soil fertility from erosion and desertification. The nternational markets they are targeting are booming and their use will  largely change the “old” concept of farming.